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Modernizing the infectious disease reporting information system (NEW EPIDAT)

Reg. No CZ.1.06/3.2.01/02.06121 (01.01.2010 – 30.06.2015)

Project goal

The Project goal is to modernize the infectious disease reporting information system EPIDAT, thus facilitating cooperation between epidemiologists at all levels of the public health protection system, microbiology laboratories, and regional reporting entities in the Czech Republic. Another goal is to provide on-line access to information to selected groups of users and to basic overviews intended for both the professional and general public as well as feedback to reporting entities. To meet these goals, investments into SW and HW upgrades are vital as the existing version of the infectious disease reporting system EPIDAT used in the Czech Republic fails to meet requirements of the international organizations to the databases of which the Czech Republic shall submit data (in particular to the database of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control called The European Surveilance System - (TESSy).

The Czech Republic is bound by Decision No 2119/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 September 1998 setting up a network for the epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the Community and by the related regulations. These regulations lay down the commitment of the EU member states to run the national infectious disease reporting systems. The infectious disease reporting information system EPIDAT run at the National Institute of Public Health since 1993 is in urgent need of upgrading as the hardware a software platform is obsolete. The system is used by epidemiologists of the state administration at all levels of the state public health supervision and by professionals of the National Institute of Public Health and it is a source of data reportable to the international infectious disease reporting and monitoring systems. Unlike the existing obsolete system, the upgraded disease reporting system will also provide online access to information on the incidence of infectious diseases in the Czech Republic.

Contact information

Statutary representative: Jitka Sosnovcová, MChem (e-mail: zdravust@szu_cz, phone: (420) 267 082 295)

Main contact person: Lenka Bendová (e-mail: lenka.bendova@szu_cz, phone: (420) 267 082 210)

Tender procedures


Information on tender procedures

  • VŘ002 - IOP administration (HERE);
  • VŘ003 - Providing publicity to NIPH projects (HERE);
  • VŘ001 - Supply of the New EPIDAT (HERE);
  • VŘ004 - Process analysis and specification of requirements for information system development (HERE);
  • VŘ005 - IOP administration in the 2nd, 10th and 11th call (HERE);
  • VŘ006 - IOP administration II. (currently being prepared);
  • VŘ001 - Supply of the NEW EPIDAT, laboratory information system and data visualization (HERE);
  • VŘ008 - Supply of the NEW EPIDAT (currently being prepared).