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National Reference Laboratory for Lyme Borreliosis

The NRL is accredited to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 as a test laboratory and to ČSN EN ISO 15189 as a public health laboratory by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

Head: Kateřina Kybicová, M.A., Ph.D.

Contact for questions: +420 267 082 580; borrelioza@szu_cz

  • Research, diagnosis and surveillance of tick-borne bacterial zoonoses, especially Lyme Borreliosis.
  • Development, refining, comparison, and validation of diagnostic methods and adequate interpretation of results. Correlation between laboratory results and clinical condition of patients infected with tick-borne bacteria.
  • Isolation of endemic strains of pathogenic Borrelia.
  • Diagnosis of emerging diseases and less common pathogens (Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Bartonella henselae, Rickettsia spp., Babbesia spp.).
  • Referral testing, confirmatory testing, and retesting for discrepant results.
  • Detection, isolation, culture, and subsequent identification and sequence analysis of the causative agents of zoonoses in humans, reservoir hosts, and vectors.
  • Guidance, consulting and training. Consulting Days.


External Quality Assessment:
The NRL regularly participates in the international quality control scheme of the Institute for Standardization and Documentation in Medical Laboratories INSTAND e.V., Society for Promoting Quality Assurance in Medical Laboratories, Düsseldorf, Germany (both serological and PCR tests)

In cooperation with the Accreditation Department of the Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology, the NRL prepares EQAS test samples and evaluates results of the EQAS -Lyme borreliosis serology (two rounds each year) for approx. 130 diagnostic laboratories in the Czech Republic.