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National Reference Laboratory for Toxoplasmosis

The NRL is accredited to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 as a test laboratory and to ČSN EN ISO 15189 as a public health laboratory by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

Head: Petr Kodym, M.A., Ph.D.


The NRL was established in 1960 as a part of then existing working group of parasitology at the former Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (now National Institute of Public Health) in Prague.

NRL for Toxoplasmosis

  • confirms toxoplasmosis serology test results - in particular for suspected cases of primary infection in pregnancy or of acute, congenital neonatal or eye toxoplasmosis;
  • performs diagnostic tests in problematic cases, i.e. in immunosuppressed patients  (HIV+ and haematology patients and transplant recipients, etc.) for infectious diseases clinics and other specialized health care settings;
  • interprets diagnostic test results and provides consulting;
  • provides technical and consulting assistance to diagnostic laboratories;
  • provides training to health care and public health professionals from the Czech Republic and other countries;
  • organizes, in  November/December each year, the Toxoplasmosis Consulting Day intended for the staff of diagnostic laboratories, parasitologists, physicians specializing in infectious diseases, ophtalmologists, gynecologists, students, and other interested public;
  • provides pregraduate and postgraduate training;
  • participates in research projects - particularly in cooperation with the Bulovka AIDS Centre and the Chair of Parasitology of the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague.

External quality assessment:
The NRL regularly participates in the international external quality assessment schemes of the Institute for Standardization and Documentation in Medical Laboratories INSTAND e.V., Society for Promoting Quality Assurance in Medical Laboratories, Düsseldorf, Germany – both serological and PCR tests.

In cooperation with the NIPH Accreditation Department, the NRL has been involved in the preparation of EQAS samples and evaluation of EQAS  Toxoplasmosis serology (two rounds each year) for approx. 100 diagnostic laboratories in the Czech Republic.