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Leptospiróza - eu "case" definice

(Leptospira interrogans)

Clinical Criteria
Any person with
– Fever
At least two of the following eleven:
– Chills
– Headache
– Myalgia
– Conjunctival suffusion
– Haemorrhages into skin and mucous membranes
– Rash
– Jaundice
– Myocarditis
– Meningitis
– Renal impairment
– Respiratory symptoms such as haemoptysis

Laboratory Criteria
At least one of the following four:
– Isolation of Leptospira interrogans from a clinical specimen
– Detection of Leptospira interrogans nucleic acid in a clinical specimen
– Demonstration of Leptospira interrogans by immunofluorescence in a clinical specimen
– Leptospira interrogans specific antibody response

Epidemiological Criteria
At least one of the following three epidemiological links:
– Animal to human transmission
– Environmental exposure
– Exposure to a common source

Case Classification
A. Possible case  NA
B. Probable case
Any person meeting the clinical criteria and with an epidemiological link
C. Confirmed case
Any person meeting the clinical and the laboratory criteria