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CEJPH – Central European Journal of Public Health

Supplement 2022 – Selected public health issues in the Slovak and Czech Republics

4/2022aktuální číslo


  • Trends in incidence of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in children in the Czech Republic in the past 35 years
  • Hepatitis B immunization data of patients living with HIV/AIDS: a multi-centre study
  • Parents‘ views and information status on childhood vaccines: which myths play a role
  • Foodborne streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis outbreak in a hospital
  • Hand disinfectants and their activity against clinical isolates of Bordetella pertussis
  • Occupational diseases arising in the area of the Ministry of Defence in the Czech Republic and their relationship to work categorization
  • Risk factors for eating disorders among Chinese and international university students: a comparative cross-sectional study
  • Determination of vitamin D, iron and n-3 fatty acids in adolescents with different eating habits
  • Predictors of methamphetamine use in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Czechia
  • Death from COVID-19 of a 57-year-old man refusing medical care and self-medicating with ivermectin



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