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Environmental Health Monitoring System

The Czech Environmental Health Monitoring is well established system of regular collection of data on the exposure to environmental toxic chemicals and the assessment of health risks for the Czech population. Since 1994, the NIPH Prague has continuously operated this system which is supported by the Czech ministry of Health. Voluminous data series have been generated so far providing the basis for health risk management and health&environmental strategy formulation. Monitoring contributes to national and European information networks, databases and registers, and ensures the activities resulting from international conventions.

The Monitoring System deals with health risks of Outdoor and indoor air pollution, Drinking water contaminants from the whole water supply network, and of Dietary exposure from the whole consumption food basket using Total Diet Study (TDS) methodology. Human biomonitoring of the general population and National health surveys are an integral part. The Occupational exposures and occupational diseases monitoring have been involved as well.

The monitoring outputs have been published annually in Summary reports.

Environmental Health Monitoring System in CR – Summary report 2022